Aquila Ranch

Quality Icelandic Sheep

At Aquila Ranch we strive to offer quality breeding stock, excellent fiber, great tasting lamb and unique milk and horn products.

Pictured above; Willow – black grey mouflon ewe.

Icelandic Sheep

A triple purpose breed producing meat, milk and fiber for the entire family.

Beautiful Fibre

Complete raw fleeces for your own projects, hand spun wool for knitting and finished pelts available. There is so much that can be done with Icelandic fibre!

Great tasting lamb a healthy choice for the whole family.

The meat from Icelandic lamb is known to be more delicate than other breeds and with the thriftiness of this breed, they are commonly grass finished.

Milk Products

There are many products that can be produced from these milky ewes or just enjoy fresh milk!

Currently we do not have any milk products available.

Check out the Flock!

Purebred and Purebred Registered Ewes and Rams available in the fall.


Purebred ewe lambs and Registered Ewe lambs available soon.


Purebred ram lambs and occasionally older proven rams available

Badgerface Ram lamb with really good lustre

Fibre Pets and Whethers

In the spring, if we have any bottle ram lambs they will be offered as fibre pets only.

Check here for upcoming stock shows and sales that we will be attending!