My name is Suzanna Narkaus. I bought my first Icelandic sheep in December of 2014, four 2yr old ewes, two yearling ewes and a ram lamb. I didn’t know anything about sheep really and picked out my new ewes like cattle. I was just aiming for a nice even group. I didn’t realize until later how lucky I was to have bought such nice sheep. I was fortunate enough to buy a true gem of a ram lamb and a young leader ewe amongst my first sheep. They were unbeknown to either seller or buyer…I really did get lucky. The first few lambing seasons however were still a real learning curve for this new shepherdess!

Cut to 2020 and I have a few more lambing seasons under my belt so decide to take the opportunity to buy 5 bred registered Icelandic ewes from Cusheon Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island, BC. They arrived at the beginning of April and lambed without trouble later that month. Besides adding pedigreed stock to the flock they are also solid coloured ewes, black and moorit! This means I will be able to offer a greater variety of fleeces in the fall. I also bought a registered moorit ram lamb, named Hans, from Sunhome Farm in northern Alberta to accompany the new ewes this breeding season.

The flock is now comprised of black, white, and moorit (brown) sheep with grey, mouflon and badgerface patterns expressed creating a multitude of shades of naturally beautiful fleece. My first ram, Ivan, was white with pheomelanin expressed so he was a beautiful cream colour and this has passed through in a few of his daughters.

Clearly I love to talk about my sheep! If you have any questions or just want to chat about sheep don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Let’s talk sheep!

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